Claretian Mission Day (7 April 2024)

Mar 28, 2024 | Mission Procure

This year Easter has come quite early and also the Claretian Mission Day 2024. We are going to celebrate the Claretian Mission Day on 7th of April 2024 which falls on the second Sunday of Easter and the Divine Mercy Sunday. I wish to communicate with you some of the highlights of the celebration of the Claretian Mission Day.

The main objective of Claretian Mission Day is to make known the universal mission of the Claretians to the collaborators of our missions. On this day we bring a lot of information about the mission work done by the Claretians in different parts of the world. Many who are working with us may know only some Claretians and some aspects of our mission. This day provides them the opportunity to connect with the Claretians worldwide, who are now present in 72 countries around the globe.

We also select a theme each year around which this day can be highlighted. The theme for this year is Clean Water and Sanitation . This is the sixth Sustainable Development Goal proposed by the United Nations too. As clean drinking water is a major challenge in many countries where we work, we also witness the pollution of water bodies as well as shrinking of water available for agriculture. Efforts can be taken in each province or delegation to rectify these situations and engage on some specific activities on the theme water on this day.

As every year, we also present three projects based on the theme , this year we have three projects , one from each continent related to water and sanitation. The projects for which the funding of the Claretian Mission Day will be channelized are as follows.

  1. ‘Toilets Construction for the girls of St. Peter’s School at Barikhajuri, Jharkhand, India’ (No. X053/2022)
  2. ‘Borehole for the school of Arimba, Lubango, Angola’ (No.X067/2023)
  3. ‘Water for agricultural production to improve food security of elderly people in La Habana, Cuba’. (No. X001/2023)

The funds that are collected on this day in your parishes, schools or social service institutions and other activity area should be send to the General Mission Procure through FUNDUS or other means. These funds will go to finance the above three projects and if more, other water projects of the Congregation.

For more details: Claretian Mission Day

Fr. Lord Winner CMF
General Mission Procurator

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