Claretian Missionaries of Korea Conclude its Annual Retreat

Sep 13, 2023 | Korea

Nampyeong, South Korea. The Independent Delegation of Korea had its Annual Retreat at the Claretian Retreat Center in Nampyeong, led by Fr. Carlos Enrique Sanchez Miranda, CMF, the General Prefect of Spirituality. The moment was spiritually enriching and served as a time for reflection and renewal.

From September 4-9, 2023, the missionaries fully engaged in a spiritual journey during this retreat. The theme, “Rooted and Audacious Missionaries,” created a deeply meaningful environment for the Spiritual Exercises.

The retreat had a structured plan with specific goals for each day. The missionaries found spiritual nourishment from different sources such as the Gospels, Psalms, Claretian texts, Spiritual Exercises, and teachings of Pope Francis. These sources were deeply embedded in their daily reflections and served as a wellspring of inspiration and guidance for their spiritual growth.

The retreat was a transformative forge experience, molding them into Sons deeply rooted in the Heart of Mother Mary and inspiring them to offer personal expressions of gratitude to God. The missionaries were encouraged to model their lives after Christ, who embodied traits of obedience and simplicity. They found motivation in the guidance of St. Anthony Mary Claret, and recommitted themselves to the Claretian mission with renewed passion.

As a remarkable and joyous culmination of the retreat, the brothers thanked God for the first profession of their novice, Park Doil Dominic, on September 8th in Sri Lanka

Source: Fr. Sebastian Eruvelikunnel, CMF, Korea Independent Delegation, Communication in charge.

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