Claretian Publications Hong Kong Launches Innovative Gospel Project to Promote Scripture Study

Sep 16, 2023 | Claret Publishing Group

Hong Kong. Claretian Publications Hong Kong is embarking on a transformative journey with the launch of a remarkable project – “The Gospel of the Liturgical Year.” This visionary four-year initiative is designed to deepen the understanding of the Gospels and promote scripture study among the faithful.

Pope Francis instituted the Sunday of the Word of God as an annual event on the third Sunday of Ordinary Time. On 22 January 2023, the Word of God Sunday, he said, “I remind you of something I have said other times: Let’s have a small Gospel, a pocket-size Gospel, to take in your bag, always with us. And when there is a moment during the day, read something from the Gospel. It is Jesus who accompanies us.” The Claretians have taken this message to heart and have created an innovative solution to make this a reality for everyone.

The heart of this project is the Gospel according to St. Mark, which will be the focus of reflection on Ordinary Sundays in the Liturgical Year 2024. Claretian Publications has ingeniously packaged Mark’s Gospel in a size similar to that of a standard cell phone, making it convenient for everyone to carry and access.

What makes this presentation truly unique are the embedded QR Codes. These codes provide direct access to insightful commentaries by two esteemed Italian Biblical Scholars, Fathers Fernando Armellini and Claudio Doglio. These commentaries offer a profound understanding of the Gospel text, delving into the teachings, parables, and miracles of Jesus.

To ensure accessibility for a global audience, The Pastoral Bible Foundation (PBF) and Claretian Publications Hong Kong have gone a step further. They have translated the original Italian videos into English, Spanish, Chinese-Cantonese, and Portuguese, complete with subtitles and voice overs. This multilingual approach broadens the reach of the project, making it accessible to individuals around the world.

To explore these valuable resources and embark on a journey of spiritual growth through scripture, interested individuals can visit Our website which, provides access to all of these materials and more in the language of your choice:

Chinese and other languages in preparation.

Source: Fr. Alberto Rossa CMF, Coordinator of Claretian Publishing Group

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