Claretian Publishers: The “Claret Publishing Group is Born”

Oct 21, 2011 | Claret Publishing Group

Frankfurt, Germany. At the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, the Claretian Publishing Houses had their periodic encounter of Editors, convoked by The General Prefect of the Apostolate, Fr. Miguel Ángel Velasco, who was present for the meeting. The meeting took place two days before the fair from the 7 – 11th of October at the Claretiner Seminar (Frankfurt). The most important fruit of the encounter was the decision of the Claretian editors to advance and take firm steps forward to show the world a common face and presence.

The birth of the “Claret Publishing Group” will, without a doubt, provide a greater force and identity to the Claretian publishing imprint, and at the same time will be a stimulus to continue advancing in collaboration and in the creation of common projects at the service of the Congregation, the Church, and in evangelization.

Though the publishing activity in the Congregation is very rich and varied (books, magazines, pamphlets, bulletins, web pages…), the meetings for the encounters have been exclusively for the publishing houses that print books. In spite of various publishers who were excused, the participating group was rich and geographically diverse. The publishers present were the following: Ave María from Brasil, Claretian Publications of Manila, Claret of Barcelona, Editorial Claretiana of Buenos Aires, Publicaciones Claretianas of Madrid and Claretian Publications Macau. During the days of the meeting, as well as sharing in the realities of publications and in giving greater solidarity to common projects which were made with notable success, there was also time spent to reflect on the depth of publication work and the identity of religious publications.

The meeting was also a time for fraternal sharing. The generous hospitality from the Province of Germany – Fr. Stephan Wolf who was present at the encounter – as well as the attention given by the Claretian Community of Frankfurt insured that the meeting was a great success. At the end of the encounter the Claretian editors participated, as usual, in the International Book Fair in Frankfurt.

Photo: the group before the monument to Johann Gutenberg in Mainz.

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