Claretian Publishers Unite with “Claret Publishing Group”

Feb 29, 2012 | Claret Publishing Group

Barcelona, Spain. As the fruit of the international meeting of the Claretian publishers (Frankfurt, October 2011), the “Claret Publishing Group” is now a reality. Their logo (photo) will be added onto successive publications of the publishers who make-up this group.

The birth of “Claret Publishing Group” will undoubtedly give greater strength and identity to the Claretian publishing houses, at the same time it will be a stimulus for further progress in the collaboration and the creation of joint projects at the service of evangelization.

This new imprint implies the utilization of the same image for all publications, which will identify them as a group, and will also allow this team of publishers to have a significant presence at major international book fairs.

A major commitment to the future for all the publishers of the group is increasing its Internet presence and use of new technologies. Some of the most relevant Claretian publications can already be found in digital format.

Another aim of the Claret Publishing Group” is the creation of links between the different publishers which will also provide joint responses at the international level.

Currently the following publishing houses are part of the group: Barcelona (Catalonia – Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Macao (China), Madrid (Spain), Manila (Philippines), Sao Paulo (Brazil). Shortly Bangalore (India) and Chennai (India) will probably join as well.

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