Claretians in Korea Celebrate Annual Retreat and 175th Anniversary

Jun 10, 2024 | Korea

Nampyeong, Korea. The Claretians in Korea held a twin celebration from June 3 to 8, 2024, marking their Annual Retreat alongside the 175th Anniversary of the of the Foundation of the congregation,  in Nampyeong, Korea. The retreat served as a time of fraternal sharing and a deep exploration of Claretian identity, guided by ten Claretian brothers who led discussions on two topics each day. Themed ‘Identity of a Claretian Missionary,’ the retreat was dedicated to providing an authentic Claretian experience.

The second part of the celebration focused on the 175th anniversary of the Foundation of the congregation. The events included a Mass. During the Mass, the Delegation Superior distributed the Claretian Cross. This significant event will culminate in July with a series of celebrations involving benefactors and friends. During the final gathering, there will be talks on Claretian topics, and presentations, including videos and PowerPoint slides, highlighting the Claretian presence around the world. Commemorative gifts marking the 175th anniversary will also be distributed to attendees.

Source: Fr. Sebastian Eruvelikunnel, CMF,  Korea Independent Delegation, Communication in charge.

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