Claretians in Rome gather to strengthen unity and share experiences at the General Curia

Mar 21, 2023 | General Houses

Rome, Italy. On March 19, 2023,  St. Joseph’s Day, approximately fifty Claretian Missionaries residing in Rome gathered at the General Curia to strengthen the unity and commitment of the Congregation, as well as to share experiences, projects, and news related to their life and mission.

The Claretian Missionaries in Rome hold three annual meetings at the General Curia. A space is provided for exchanging information, discussing relevant issues for the Congregation, and sharing moments of prayer in a fraternal atmosphere.

On this occasion, the meeting began with an intervention by each Local Superior, who presented the mission of their respective communities, the latest significant events experienced, and future planned events. Subsequently, Fr. General Mathew Vattamattam, CMF, and the other Prefects shared news and ongoing projects within the Congregation. The meeting concluded with a joint prayer, followed by a fraternal dinner.

These meetings reinforce the unity among the Claretians in Rome and help them to stay informed and up-to-date on the activities and projects underway in all communities.

The Claretian presence in Rome.

The Claretian Congregation has five houses in the city: the general houses (the Curia Generalizia, the Claretianum and the Iuridicum), and the houses of the Province of Sanctus Paulus (Parioli and Banchi Vecchi). The Claretians in Specialization (CIS) also participate in these gatherings.

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