Closing of the Assembly of Antilles

Apr 22, 2010 | Community Life, Economy, Formation, Spirituality and Community Life

Puerto Rico.On the last day of the Assembly the Editing Commission gathered the final proposals for the next three years in the areas of: Community Life, Spirituality, Apostolate, Formation, Economy and Form of Government.

All of this has been gathered in a document that, after a proper discussion, was unanimously approved. In it were included the concerns, the

community and pastoral challenges, the priorities in the ministry and the missionary projects that will have to be developed, in the four countries that comprise the Delegation, during the next three years.

The Assembly also expressed, in the survey on the Government Team, its feelings about the most appropriated persons to carry out these projects.

We had the opportunity to dialogue with Constantino Rodríguez, General Secretary of the Lay Claretians movement, who is visiting Puerto Rico. Through him the relationship and cooperation existing between them and the Claretians of Antilles were strengthened.

Finally, Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, President of the Assembly, pronounced the closing words, injecting optimism to return to the communities, renewed and encouraged like the disciples of Emmaus after their experience of the Risen Lord.

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