CMF and MCM in Shared Spiritual Retreat

Jul 19, 2010 | Claretian Family, Institutes of Consecrated Life

Morelia, México. A singular batch of Spiritual Retreat was celebrated in our Morelia house, in Mexico.

A group of Claretian Missionaries participated in it together with another group of Cordimarian Missionary Sisters (founded in 1921 by the Claretian Father Julián Collell). Perhaps this is the first time that this has

happened in the history of both Sister Institutions.

This “Retreat in shared prayer-mission” took place from July 12 to 16. Several circumstances advised us to do it in this way for mutual convenience. We carried out our plan without special precautions.

The director was Fr. Juan Carlos Martos, cmf, Secretary of Vocational Ministry, who had conducted, previous to this Retreat, several batches both to the Cordimarian Missionary Sisters in the United States and to the Claretian Missionaries in this same house of Morelia.

The experience was very positive and enjoyable for all. It was also simpler and more attainable for those who showed cautions and misgivings before its beginning.

The central theme of the retreat was “The Heart of Mary.” During the sessions the various passages where the Mother of Jesus appears in her itinerary of faith and dedication to the service of the Lord, as they are found in the Word of God. Similarly elements were presented for us to remember and relish from diverse aspects of our Claretian and Cordimarian spirituality.

We can say that Mary, our Mother, has succeeded in keeping together the daughters and sons of her Immaculate Heart in a deep climate of prayer.

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