Commencement of the Online Project Training Programme

Jul 24, 2020 | Mission Procure

Rome, Italy. The Project Management Training conducted by the Claretians in Rome has shifted this year to the online mode due to the impact of COVID19 around the globe. An introductory session was conducted on July 23, 2020 which presented all the technical details needed for the participants to attend the training which commences from July 27, 2020 and concludes on August 1, 2020.

Dsc02700 ScaledThe transmission of the programme is done from Claretianum, the Institute of Theology for Consecrated Life run by the Claretians at Rome. There are 124 participants from 41 countries ranging from Canada to the Philippines. From the perspective of the countries of origin, there are 30 from India, 9 from Nigeria, 6 from Philippines and from less known countries such as Mongolia, Burundi, and Togo. There are 5 Religious Sisters participating, 47 Priests, 16 Religious Brothers, and 9 lay collaborators of religious congregations. 19 of the participants are working in their respective General Governments, 55 of them are in the Provincial level assignments and the rest are persons engaged in community level development apostolates.

The online Project Management and Fundraising Training is hosted through AVISHA, an E-Learning platform for easy management. There are four Mentors who are subject matter experts who do the handholding of the participants during the Training. That brings a personal touch to the online training and make the participants comfortable to understand the sessions.





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