Commission for the Beatification of the Claretian “Martyrs of the XX Century”

Jan 14, 2013 | Fernan-Seguenza-Tarragona

Barcelona, Spain. On the 10th of January in the Provincial Curia of Catalunya in Barcelona, there was a meeting of the Commission for the beatification of the Claretian Martyrs of Sigüenza, Fernán Caballero, and Tarragona, “Martyrs of the XX Century”.

Attending were Fathers Josep Armegol and Ramon Olomí as Delegates of the Province of Cataluña; Manuel Mª Carrasco and Eleuterio López as Delegates of the Province of Bética, and Vicente Pecharromán, Postulator General. They dealt with issues of publications and advertising to spread knowledge of our martyrs and to inspire devotion to these witnesses of the faith, as well as the urgency to work on the logistics for the day of the Beatification, October 27th, in Tarragona.

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