“I know the youth’s reality and their life questions. The encounter with the living God motivates me to accompany the youth with charity, joy, and in fraternity.”

In 2014 I had my first youth forge retreat, called Quid Prodest, that totally changed my life, made me delve into the entire process and I felt so loved by God.

Discovering the Claretian Mission, their community lifestyle touched me. What attracted me so much was to see how the Claretians dedicate their lives to the most impoverished, give hope, train young people and communities with the touch of their charism, with fraternity and charity, unminding distances, time, leaving comfort aside. I started to configure myself to the charism and started assuming responsibilities as an animator of youth communities and know more about Claret’s life. I am currently working as an educator in an educational foundation and I am a volunteer in a boarding school for young Q’eqchi’ of limited resources.

In my parish I coordinate the Claretian Youth Ministry, live the mission as a lay person committed to the youth, trying to share the Claretian charism with other young people to help them find the meaning of their lives.

Gumercindo Caal (Guatemala)

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