Day 3º: February 12, 2010 (Friday)

Feb 13, 2010 | Fr. Rhoel Gallardo

Philippines. One of the highlights of this day is the election of the Provincial Superior and his council. Before the election of the Provincial Superior, the moderator led the community in a short prayer asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and enlightenment. Then, the General asked the moderator to read the criteria of the Provincial Superior, and the process of electing.

The Chapter proceeded to vote. Fr. Leo Dalmao, was elected as the new Provincial Superior of the Philippine province. He accepted the election and was confirmed by the General.

Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF was congratulated warmly by the chapter members. Congratulations!!!!!

When session resumed, the General asked the new Provincial Superior regarding the form of government he wanted before the Chapter decides. By majority votes, the election of the consultors will be in view of the prefecture.

The afternoon session started with a song, “Prayer for Generosity.” Then came the election of Consultors/Prefects. Fr. Elias Ayuban,CMF was elected Consultor/Prefect of Formation. Then, Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF was re-elected Consultor/Prefect of Spirituality. Fr. Eduardo Apungan , Jr. CMF was re-elected as Consultor/Prefect of Apostolate. Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF was re-elected Consultor/Prefect of Economy. All the elections were confirmed by the General.

The session resumed Prayer for Generosity to deliberate the priorities of the province. Along the process of discussion, the General also gave several inputs regarding some pertinent issues. He briefly explained the Forge Project in our Daily Life which will begin on advent this year. During the second session in the afternoon, the General discussed some juridical matters that have to be decided by the chapter: 1) the provincial tellers; 2) Local superiors, vicars and economes to be appointed by the provincial government; 3) there will be no permanent board – the meeting of the local superiors will take that function; 4) The maximum number of appointed participants for the next provincial chapter is four; 5) maximum 3 consecutive terms for local superiors in different houses; 6) The norm for vacations of missionaries working aboard.

The General allowed the Chapter to discuss the issue of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo’s move for beatification. The Chapter gave a mandate to keep alive Fr. Rhoel’s memory and to start the process of beatification.

The mass was presided by the new Provincial Superior, Fr. Leo Dalmao, who was assisted by the new council members. In his homily, Fr. Leo expressed that truly God has His own plans for us. He also cited Fr. Gallardo’s martyrdom as a challenge for all to embrace the daily dying to one’s self.

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