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On reaching the Gulf of Damas, (travelling to Cuba) I began conducting a mission on deck. Everyone on board attended it, passengers and crew, from captain to cabin boy, and everyone went to confession and received Communion on the general Communion day. We were on friendly terms with the crew, and on every voyage they would make to Cuba they used to come and visit us.
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Circumstances that forge friendships are very different. The consistency of this friendship will differ also according to the depth of the relationship that has brought it about. St. Anthony Mary Claret tells us, in this text, how a friendship was born during his journey from Spain to Cuba together with a group of collaborators to be the archbishop of Santiago. It was a friendship that persisted over time; and was normal, because “everyone confessed”. In other words, Claret, with his proximity and affability, managed to open their hearts; in this way he created a harmony and a friendship that was less superficial or merely formal.
The mission which took place on board of that ship was a response to the concerns that were in the hearts of those who shared the journey; and Claret gave them an opportunity for an outlet for their constant evangelizing concern. There were no other interests or other objectives. Therefore, he touched the hearts of the people and was able to generate a relationship that made all have the desire to continue. During the successive years, the visits of the sailors to the archbishop of Cuba testify this to us when they made return trips to the island.
Claret desired that his traveling companions find some response to their questions and concerns; this brought him to share with them the best of himself: his faith experience, that treasure that filled his life with harmony and serenity.Why do we feel so many times qualms when opening our hearts and sharing with others this experience of faith that make our life meaningful and hopeful? If we know how to listen and share with simplicity and humility, friendships will come from it that are lasting and will be truly meaningful for all.



21 December

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