14 December

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“As all of us must work for the greater glory of God, according to the expression of St. Paul, our prayer should be continuous; and it is, says St. Augustine, if our works are always animated by the desire of faith, hope and charity. A similar desire fosters ejaculatory prayers in the heart and the rectitude of intention in all the good works”.
L’egoismo vinto. Roma 1869, p. 73. Retrotraducido en EE p. 426


Prayer should be a continuous. Isaac, the 7th century Syrian Nestorian monk said, “The culmination of all asceticism is the never ending prayer”. It is the Spirit who prays in us in continuous prayer. No matter if we sleep or remain awake. No matter whether we eat or drink, take rest or work. Some attain it invoking often the name of Jesus. For Claret it is to live in the presence of God continuously.
How many times must one pray? Jesus replies, “Always”. If the prayer is to love, we cannot leave aside prayer. It is not a question of calculations, much less bargaining. We cannot always be saying our prayers, but we can remain continually praying as in the case of continually loving. Those who love mutually understand it well. They always feel united even when far away. Benedict XVI frequently advised that the time spent in prayer should be considered as apostolic work. That´s why, even if we have a lot to do, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta would say, “If we have much to do, let us pray more”.
The real problem is not feeling the need for dialogue with God. For Claret the highest example is Jesus and his need of dialogue with his Father. A dialogue is never interrupted and it is concluded on the cross, amidst the most absolute surrender. In one of the Spiritual Maxims published for youngsters in 1857, comments Claret, “Mental prayer comes from an oven where the fire of the love of God is enkindled and preserved…..In the fire blazing in meditation is where all the dregs are removed, men are melted and instilled and moulded in the image of Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak as those in the upper room”.



21 December

“I never tired of being in church before the image of Our Lady of the Rosary, and I talked and prayed so trustingly that I was quite sure the Blessed Virgin heard me. I used to imagine a sort of wire running from the image in front of me to its heavenly original....

20 December

“If something pains or disturbs you, suffer it patiently thinking that the Lord has placed it so. If you are able to give alms, do it for the love of God, thinking of the neighbours and particularly in the poor who are the image of Jesus. No day should pass without...

19 December

“With regard to the slanders unleashed against me, I am not sad; I am very happy in the Lord” Carta a D. José Caixal, 10 de marzo de 1865, en EC II, p. 864 FORTITUDE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY “Fortunate are you, when people insult you...., because you are my disciples”...

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