15 November

Nov 15, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“As if looking in a mirror, I should look at each created thing from where God´s goodness, wisdom, power and beauty are reflected and to him I must pay attention and him I must love”
Resolutions of 1862; en AEC p. 701


As a human attitude, contemplation can be understood as a sort of enriching cognitive contact with various realities that go from our proper intimacy till the mysteries of the Most High God, passing from the world of things around us. From the sensorial we can open ourselves to an elevation up to the heart of the Trinity. The awareness of this marvellous capacity makes us happy.
In this sense, it is good to form us in the contemplation of the beauty of this world as well as the spiritual beauty that peeps into our heart in line with so many persons. Through these we can trace out the beauty of God himself -as on a mirror according to the expression of Claret-, the wide designer and animator of all that exists. This way enlightens us, not only the presence of God in our world, but also the reason for love which explains his power and inspires his wisdom. And at the same time, we can learn to handle with this same guideline and continue the generating work of goodness, justice and harmony that constitute our opportunity within the great task entrusted to the human family throughout the ages.
In our daily life, this contemplation can nourish for various reasons our small moments of thanksgiving, make more lucid the discernment demanded by life’s crossroads and contribute calmness and joy to all our commitment in the construction of the evangelical fraternity.
The contemplation is not contrary to the action. We know many saints who are our models to help us in this regard. They have been contemplatives in action, in the mission and in service……Do you know that contemplation is a work of love more than an intellectual elaboration? Don´t you know that people like Claret have realized an unbelievable apostolic service impelled and sustained by the fire of his contemplative prayer?



21 December

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