21 August

Aug 21, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“Jesus rode upon a donkey when He entered Jerusalem in triumph. I, too, gladly offer myself to Jesus to make use of me in his triumphant march over his enemies, the world, the flesh, and the devil, as He makes his way into the souls and towns of those who are converted to Him. I will, of course, know that the honours and praises I hear will not be for me, the donkey, but for Jesus, whose dignity I, though unworthy, bear”.
Aut 669


Today I wish to thank you, Lord that you’ve counted on me. Claret always felt unworthy of his missionary vocation, something too great for him. He was always thankful, as for the best of the gifts received, for having been called, that God could count on him.
It is not so easy now to see a mule up close. This animal with large ears and larger backs to support loads has been confined in zoos. “Don’t be a mule”, I often heard this in my childhood, when someone wanted to stir me out of my stubbornness or folly. That is why today I am more surprised to see Claret reflecting on the donkey which Jesus used to enter triumphantly into Jerusalem. What could Claret perceive in that insignificant animal?
If Jesus made use of it, how he is not making use of me? It is the task of each day to offer myself gladly to the Lord if he wants my services to enter triumphant over the enemies in my family, at my workplace, in society. And having worked in the vineyard of the Lord will be my best reward: I am made worthy. Honour and praise cannot dominate me, cannot fill me with pride, or conceit. Serving Jesus is what makes me great.
Claret has his eye on the donkey and he sees it as an example of humility, quiet and generous service. Jesus counted on Claret and he made him his missionary, with large ears to listen and a larger back to support the weight of the apostolic life.
Jesus wants to use me to be his messenger. The message that I carry, the Gospel which I announce, makes me worthy. I share in nothing less than the mission of Jesus, in his filiation!
Do I allow Jesus to make use of me? How do I serve him? Do I recognize the grace received in Baptism: the dignity of being a child of God?
Lord, I am not worthy that you enter my house and call me. Thanks for counting on me; you make me worthy. My soul proclaims your greatness because you have counted on my smallness.



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