21 July

Jul 21, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“Before he crows, the cock first beats his wings; I, before preaching, should move and beat the wings of study and prayer”
Aut 664. 7


Claret was a very observant. But his looking and contemplating is with a missionary attitude. Even from those things that seem to us to be very simple, humble or insignificant, he receives a lesson. Today we are called to observe a cockerel. In his time it was something common to hear the cock crowing; today it is not a normal experience for many.
The cock´s crowing is very special. But not everyone knows that before crowing, the cock always flaps its wings strongly. Like the crowing of the cock, Claret knew his missionary service of the word is: to praise God with all the tasks we have at hand; to awaken the slumbers by the seductions of this world; to warn about the dangers, since many live carelessly; to proclaim the Good News amidst so much wickedness; to make the Word of God heard beyond the daily noises; to provoke attention amidst so many distractions.
But there is something to be done before crowing; something basic that my crowing be authentic, consistent and sustaining. Something that leads me beyond the routines, tediousness, protogonisms, and exaggerated desires for success: shaking simultaneously the wings of study and prayer.
Study will help me to be updated in my professional commitment. Study that provides me an ongoing and integral formation of my person, that opens me up to the signs of the times and places in which I live. Prayer will be able to help me to be in line with the God of my life. A prayer grateful for my vocation received with all the consequences, keeps me awake and leads me to proclaim truly all my crowing. Claret shows us the secret of his missionary crowing that sustains and renews him.
How is my daily crowing? How do I understand it? Do I spend time to prepare with personal study and prayer? Do I feel that they strengthen and sustain my life of witnessing and dedication?
Lord, before beginning to crow for others with my self offering, I want to be fed with your Wisdom that strengthens and impels me.



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