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Sep 22, 2018 | Claret mit dir

*219.- “Before eating I will say, ‘Lord, I eat so as to have strength and to serve you better’. Before going to bed, ‘Lord, I do it so as to restore spent energy and to serve you better. I do it because you have ordained it this way. If I study, I do it to better know, love and serve you and to better serve and help my neighbour.”
Propósitos del año 1861; en AEC p. 696


For Claret everything had the shape of the missionary. Little by little God was shaping him and everything in his life had meaning for mission. Today he reminds us of three very simple daily tasks which, precisely because of this, we can relegate to the area of the unconscious. Here I remember a companion who went before me in faith and mission. His motto was, ‘To do good and to do it good’. Without doubt there is no lack of people or institutions that do good and do it well. But this would be no more than a call to dignify what we are doing.
With Claret I suggest that today you stop and ask yourself so that you may become aware of your many apparently insignificant daily activities.
*Stop a moment before you eat. What meaning am I giving to my meals? To eat, I tell myself, is a basic necessity so as not to become ill, to continue to live. Claret suggests something more. Even eating has for him a missionary meaning, to serve more and better.
*And resting? Throughout the day we get tired. It is necessary to recuperate strength, relax our nerves. Claret gives it a higher purpose. One recuperates strength in order to better respond to the mission, to enhance our apostolic service. It is much more than just a pleasant moment. A brief prayer before going to sleep and you ennoble your rest.
*Claret reminds us also about the meaning of study or any other task of the day. What can be done so that study and work don’t finish up being a heavy burden or something we do out of routine? Tell me what you do to better yourself, to obtain a degree or a better salary. Claret also invites you to look higher: study to know, love and serve God and neighbour better. Work to alleviate the burden of others. Before starting study or work be silent for a moment and recover the higher meaning of these tasks.
O Lord, bless this day. See that as we eat, work and rest we do it in your name and are better able to serve you in others.



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