24 August

Aug 24, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“Frequent the holy sacraments, deprive yourself of something as your gift, pray the holy Rosary to Mary every day with devotion and fervour and you will see how the Blessed Virgin Mary will be your mother, your advocate, your mediatrix, your teacher, your everything after Jesus. If you are true devotees of Mary, you will be happy now and then you will be for all eternity in heaven”
Origen of the Trisagion. Barcelona 1863, p. 46


To know Mary, to invoke her and to talk about her there is nothing better than to follow in the footsteps of the Bible and of the long experience of the people of God. Names that we find in the Old Testament have enabled the Church, for example, to designate Mary as Mother of the living, the same as Eve (cf Gen 3.20), or as Glory of Jerusalem, honour of our race, like Judith (cf Jdt 15.9). The first chapter of the Gospel of Luke gives us more precise suggestions of this type in the titles that are given to the young Virgin of Nazareth. The Popes have taught us that, speaking thus of Mary, we give these designations a new and fuller meaning, able to strengthen our Marian prayer and our confidence.
And what can be said of the lay tradition of the Church, tireless in this form of approach to Mary? In this both the spiritual experience of the saints as well as popular devotion, e.g. in the use of the Litany of Loreto. Everything leads us to savour, as does Claret, the bond of love and of maternal interventions that Mary has united us to her Son Jesus at all the crossroads of life.
For those who live in communion with Mary it is very clear that, in harmony with your heart, they must centre their attention on Jesus. Hence, sacramental life, prayer, meditation of the Word, especially of the Gospel is important. The prayer of the Rosary will help you, as Claret, to keep the mind on the life of Jesus.
Surely in the various vicissitudes of your spiritual experience have been surfacing in you names and titles that helped you to understand the mission and the message of Mary. It will not be difficult for you to verify that her company has encouraged you to continue more aware of your vocational journey with Jesus: with more generosity, with quiet joy and with more commitment with which the Lord himself made his saving itinerary among us.



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