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Jun 25, 2018 | Claret mit dir

*236.- “It is not enough to have a confessor to whom to present with sincerity our sins; We need also a teacher to guide us through the path of virtue”
El colegial o seminarista instruido. T. I, Barcelona 1860, p. 330


What an important topic that of initiation, of our approach to life! Nowadays abound theories and critical opinions related to education. But nobody can deny the need for someone who, with some experience, can help us to find our way in society and in life. And this is true also for someone willing to follow Jesus.
It was the need that Paul experienced after Damascus. Crowds of converts from the first centuries felt the same way and went in search of guidance from the great Desert Fathers. It was the experience of Ignatius of Loyola who regarded it as a fundamental key in the Spiritual Exercises that do not seek but conversion and spiritual growth.
Claret notes that “the saints, even though they were more enlightened and experienced in the ways of God, did not separate from this practice”: always have a spiritual master. He himself followed this advice with perseverance in all stages of life. He was inspired by the words of Tobit ( 4:18) : “Take counsel of those who are wise and do not despise any useful advice..”
This practice formerly known as ‘spiritual direction’ today is called “spiritual accompaniment”. It is not identified with the function of confessor – also necessary , although it is not excluded that the same person can play both roles if he has the necessary maturity , experience and skills for discernment. What matters is that he will perform this task as a disciple of Jesus rather than as a specialist in psychology or other sciences. The primary source of discernment cannot be other than the Gospel. And his heart must look like the Lord Jesus himself, who is the Master.
This accompaniment can be provided for you not only by priests but also by religious, or lay people who are experienced in the matters of God. To choose this companion is exclusively your prerogative. Have you already taken these steps? Are you undergoing this accompaniment calmly, confidently, fruitfully? If you realise that it is helping you to grow in following Jesus, you have already a good reason to give thanks.



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