3. ordentliche Delegationsversammlung in Kamerun

Mai 30, 2019 | Afrika, Kamerun

Curia of Nkolbisson-Yaoundé, Cameroun. The Assembly of Cameroun Delegation began with a recollection led by Fr. Ferdinand NDI, OMI. Based on MISSIONARIES IN COMMUNITY, theme of the Assembly, he highlighted some challenges that must be transcended for a harmonious missionary life in community. After this spiritual preparation, the members of the Assembly had the official opening by the Induction of the Bible presided over by Fr. Michel Archangel Tigui, CMF, then the presentation of the program. Then came the word of welcome from Fr. Michel. Before reading Fr. General’s letter, it was read the letter which accredits Fr. Henry Omonisaye as President of the Assembly on behalf of the General Government. Subsequently, the report of the Delegation was presented by the Secretary, Fr. Frederic Kpoumie, CMF. Fr. Elisee, Econome, presented that of Economy. The afternoon ended with lunch. In the afternoon, all participants read personal report, General’s letter and economic report. This ended with group work, pooling. This first day ended with a Mass presided by the Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF, then a dinner.

Second Day 28/05/2019

After morning prayer and breakfast, the Assembly entered at the second day of deliberation by listening to the response of the outgoing Government to the question from their report. Afternoon was giving for further question, contributions and proposals from the participants. Immediately a report was giving by Fr. Valentine Achuo and Fr. Dieudonne Ngenso, CMFF, on the situation of the Anglophone crisis and the challenge to the missionary activity there. This was followed by a sharing from Fr. Placid Muntong, CMF, on behalf of those kidnapped on November last year at Munyengue. To conclude the morning session, the new Government was announced: Fr. Jude LANGEH, cmf (Major Superior); Fr. Theophile YENE, cmf (Consultant); Fr. Elisee ABE ANANGA, cmf (Consultant) and the taking over of function through the profession of faith. From 3:00 pm, the session resumed with the presentation of the synthesis of the questionnaire followed by group discussion and plenary assembly. The mass at 6:30 pm concluded the second day.

Third Day 29/05/2019

This day before Ascension was the last of the Assembly. Like the other days, the Assembly was opened with the lauds. After the prayer followed by breakfast, the participants went back to the conference room where it was read the report of the day before. After this exercise, the report was presented. Discussions began. After the break, and when the participants returned to the room, Claretian laity intervened by presenting their work, desire, joy and challenges. When they left the room, the Secretary gave the final report. This was the subject of several criticisms, amendment and adoption. The participants assessed the Assembly by means of a form prepared for the occasion. A Mass motivated by the Holy Spirit, presided over by the Major Superior, Fr. Jude Langeh, CMF punctuated the end of the Third Assembly. A fraternal lunch was shared by all present at Mass.



Professfeier in Sri Lanka

Professfeier in Sri Lanka

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