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*43.- “Also the zeal of St. Paul has always awakened my deepest enthusiasm. He went from place to place, a chosen vessel, carrying the teaching of Jesus Christ.”
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The apostolic zeal of Saint Paul
The zeal of St. Paul was one of the most powerful sources of inspiration that moved the apostolic life of Fr. Claret until the end of his life. Paul’s enthusiasm (a word which freely translated could mean “to be in god”) filled the life of Claret. As with Paul, his passion for Christ made Claret lose sleep, he was driven by zeal. The missionary zeal is the love of God in the form of excessive concern for others. It is the love of God “uncontrolled” by a strong desire for a total commitment. It is urgent; the good must be done now, and in the best possible way: the best.
It has its distinct effects. It makes us look at others in a different and transfigured way. All seems beautiful to him, even the defects. In the presence of this love one feels unworthy … because true love always generates humility. It puts wings on his feet and delivers a powerful and tireless activity to do good at any price. So strong is its power that lifestyles are changed and what seemed difficult and heavy mysteriously becomes easy and light. A person in love will never surrender to difficulties, does not care about time and gains, does not stop at the difficulty, hopes against hope … And though he does not achieve his goals, considers his effort well spent. As St. John of the Cross said in a resounding sentence: “‘Love doesn’t tire, or become weary, or take rest.'”
On the day Claret came to know the writings of Paul a void in his soul was filled. From then on Paul was a teacher and friend of Claret. This was not a fictional character. He could hear him with the ear of his heart. And, like Paul, he experienced friendship with Christ in His home that is the Church.
Why not encourage the reader of these lines to read one of the letters of St. Paul? And while reading, to select the phrases that “touch” him the most? He will not regret it.



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