4 November

Nov 4, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“I have never made a penny’s profit from the works I have seen through the presses. On the contrary I have given away thousands upon thousands of free copies. I am still doing so today and hope to be doing so until I die”
Aut 328


Gratitude is an experience that might seem to be lacking today. “In what way, can I help you?”, like this, there are many sweet sounding telephone calls, text messages and other ways inviting us to subscribe and adhere to all sorts of tempting offers which will make life easier and pleasant. But behind every offer there are many economical interests; and there moves behind a huge economy that is not always clean.
When someone approaches us with a plan of showing his solidarity, we find difficult to trust that person, because of an increase of a network of tricksters of different kinds, particularly in the big cities; and so there reigns a generalized climate of mistrust. Nevertheless, the panorama is not totally gloomy, because there are many humanitarian and religious organizations that render free services and try to create an alternative form of social relations.
Fr. Claret tells us about his evangelization through the distribution of thousands of books, pamphlets, booklets and pictures. The eloquent sign through the distribution makes different his “policy at the service of the Kingdom”. His great plan for Christian literature to reach the whole mass is something very enlightening for our age.
Many projects of the distribution of the Word of God and other pastoral initiatives do not prosper or go ahead sufficiently because of the lack of financial support aimed at their development, sustenance, and propagation. There is a need to strengthen a culture of solidarity designed to place the best of each one and each community for the evangelizing service.
Perhaps, the last consideration could keep resounding in your ears and you could comment on it with your neighbours: how to find out the possibilities to spread freely in our society all that is good for the Kingdom.



21 December

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20 December

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19 December

“With regard to the slanders unleashed against me, I am not sad; I am very happy in the Lord” Carta a D. José Caixal, 10 de marzo de 1865, en EC II, p. 864 FORTITUDE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY “Fortunate are you, when people insult you...., because you are my disciples”...

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