7 September

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*69.- “He who ardently desires the salvation of his brothers and sisters will never lack words to counsel them, showing them the bad things they must flee from and the good they ought to practice.”
Memoria de la Academia de San Miguel. Madrid 1866, p. 11


On one occasion a professor remarked to me that Peter was in love with Jesus. I had not considered this before, but thinking about it a lot, I believe that only from this perspective can it be understood that he would be cast as a fisher of men. He felt fascinated, attracted by his goodness, his words, his mercy, etc. And so Peter was changing, was transforming himself. The first to be seduced was Peter and later, when others heard him talk, they felt equally attracted and wanted to know this Jesus, the Christ.
I think that today people are not so disposed to let themselves be given advise, they don’t so easily listen to the sermons of others, etc. But this does not mean that people do not have a thirst. Perhaps it is not a matter yet of convincing just from reason but rather by seduction, by transmitting an experience of God so that others are stirred to experience the same in relation to Jesus. A proof of this is the great success of the oriental spiritual offerings like yoga and zen, etc. People are searching, are thirsty, questioning.
If we ardently want to truly help our brothers and sisters it is important that we be prepared to give witness and reason for our faith. We should do it in consonance with the present times, knowing how to infect others with our enthusiasm and our trust in the Lord. That those who see us ask: who keeps you going like this in your life?
Do I feel committed and with a desire to transmit my faith in Jesus to others? Do I consider it to be a task beyond my possibilities or do I see the way to use all means and abilities to do it? Am I discouraged by the lack of success in such a commitment?



21 December

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