Neue Leitung und 2. Delegationsversammlung von Kalkutta

Mai 19, 2022 | Kolkata

Barrackpore, Indien. Am 4. Tag der 2. Delegationsversammlung der unabhängigen Delegation Kalkutta verkündete P. Manuel Tamargo CMF den Versammelte die neue Leitung der Delegation für die Jahre 2022 bis 2025:

Major Superior:
Fr. Antony Bhyju CMF (2nd to the left)

Fr. Jinni P. CMF (right)
Fr. Anim Prakash Indwar CMF (2nd to the right)
Fr. Telesphor Aind, CMF (left)

Fr. Bhyju V. A. was born on May 29, 1972, in Tuthur, Tamil Nadu, India. He entered the Congregation of Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as an apirant on July 8, 1987, in Claret Illam, Kumbakonam. After his novitiate in Claret Bhavan, Carmelaram, Bangalore, he made his First Professed on May 31, 1991. Six years after, on the same date, he made his Perpetual Profession. He was ordained a priest on May 17, 1999, by Most Reverend Maria Callist Soosa Pakiam, then Bishop of Thiruvananthapuram. He became part of the newly erected Kolkata Independent Delegation in 2019.

He served as Assistant Parish Priest of St. Theresa’s Church, Kakkanur, and Local Econome of the community from 1999 to 2000. Then he was appointed Assitant Novice Master from 2000 to 2003 at Claret Bhavan in Carmelaram, Bangalore. In 2006 he was assigned as Prefect of Students of Chennai then Rector of Claret Bhavan Karumathur in 2008. Then he was once again appointed Novice Master in 2019 at the interprovincial novitiate in Carmelaram.

The Second Delegation Assembly of Kolkata Independent Delegation began in the morning of May 16, 2022, at Claret Nivas Barrackpore, with a prayer song and lighting of the lamp by Fr. Manuel Alfredo Tamargo Rodriguez, CMF, Assembly President, General Prefect of Economy. After the welcome address of Fr. Lawrence V., CMF, incumbent Major Superior of Kolkata, the parishioners, and students at Saint Claret School of Barrackpore staged a cultural dance.

The Assembly followed the new method of Assemblies adopted from the XXVI General Chapter, including reports, group discussions, and revision of the life and mission of the Delegation during the past three years. They discussed the present status and future of Claret Ashram, Sahari Mission, Banki Mission, and its investments, assets, and liabilities. They have had the chance to watch the long-awaited film, Claret.

On the third day, the Archbishop of Kolkata Archdiocese, Most Reverend Thomas D’Souza, visited the Claretians in the Assembly and celebrated the Mass for them.

The Assembly will continue before the weekend ends and will later lay down its plans to realize the Delegation Dream that they have recently conceived before the announcement of its new leaders.



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