Regarding the Celebration of the Memory for the CMF Martyrs

Aug 8, 2018 | Nur für Claretiner

August 8, 2018, ROME.

Dear friends,

1.- The Memoria of each of the martyr groups and of Blessed Andrés Solá (20 noviembre) are to be celebrated on the dates given as before. For example, the immediate celebration of the Martyrs of Barbastro = August 13.

2.- The February 1 Memoria of the 109 Claretian Martyrs who were beatified on the 21st of October of 2017 has been added in 2018 to the current list of dates/memory of the Blessed Martyrs that we already have before October 2017.

3.- The General Postulation and our Congregation is awaiting for the response of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints of the Holy See re: to celebrate the Memoria of All Claretian Martyrs on the 1st of February. But up to now, we do not have any response. Therefore, the proposal to unify the celebrations is ON HOLD. To date, only the Memory of the Blessed 109 Claretian Martyrs shall be celebrated on the 1st of February.

4.- Once the Holy see approves our proposal of unifying the Liturgical celebration of the Memoria of all Blessed Claretian Martyrs on the 1st of February, we shall communicate it to the whole Congregation and send the Proper of the Memoria.

5.- It is also to note that if in case the notion to unify on the 1st of February the Memoria of All Claretian Martyrs be approved, those who would like to maintain the celebration of the Memoria on the previously given dates, like in the case of Blessed Andres Sola, may do so; most especially in places where the Memoria have had or has a particular prominence by custom, tradition, etc., including in the Diocesan perspective.

Cordial greetings,

Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza CMF.




Dear Major Superiors and Provincial Secretaries, As per order of Bro. Salvador Segura Santana, CMF, in-charge of the PUMS, I am sending you the latest version of the PUMS Statutes dated October 25, 2017. The Provincial secretaries are requested to communicate directly...

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