Encounter of Local Superiors in Euskal Herria

May 11, 2012 | Euskal Herria, The Forge

Salvatierra, Spain. An encounter of local superiors from the Province of Euskal Herria was held on May 5th at the community of Salvatierra celebrating the end of the Academic-Pastoral Course for 2011-2012.

Participating were the following: Víctor Ruiz (Vitoria), Carlos Pagola (San Fermín de Aldapa), Jesús Ros (Salvatierra), Mateo Larrauri (Teologado-Parroquia), Josu Jiménez (Larraona), Francisco Urrutia (Askartza-Claret) and Teódulo Rodríguez (San Sebastián). Also participating was the Provincial Superior, Fr. Joseba Kamiruaga.

The work was divided into five sessions in which they tackled various evaluations and proposals to animate the service of Superiors (local and provincial) for the 2012-2013 Course. Priority interest was given to the exercise of government and the spiritual-communitarian-and formative animation of Superiors in their respective roles and for the Province as a whole.

Finally, some proposals were made to energize the communities in “The Forge in Our Daily Life” project.

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