Encounter of Prefects of Formation, Guatemala (continuation)

May 15, 2019 | Congregation, Formation

Guatemala City, Guatemala. The second day of the Encounter of Prefects Formation started with Holy Mass. After the breakfast the participants came together for the fist session at 9 AM. In the opening part of the session were two graceful moments of watching and listening live to the address of His Eminence Cardinal Acquilino Bocos Merino and Mgr. Leo Dalmao. His Eminence while addressing the gathering live, appreciated the Encounter and said it is a wonderful occasion in the life of the Congregation to think seriously about revitalizing formation scenario and vocational discernment of the Formandi. He called upon the gathering to focus Christ in the Centre in the formation. He also cited that all the recent three Popes have the same idea while speaking on the formation of candidates. He thus called upon the participants to reflect upon the ecclesiastical exhortations in this noble and important task. Mgr Leo Dalmao, the Former General Prefect of Formation, who was instrumental in organizing this event, was really overwhelmed at seeing the members of the Encounter though online live. He also underlined the importance of this Encounter with specific objectives projected upon, especially to reflect upon the Draft of the new General Plan of Formation.

These moments were followed by the presentation by Conference wise (ACLA, ASCLA, ECLA and MICLA) of the synthesized reports based on the formative practices, statistics, strengths and limits etc…

After the break when the participants assembled Fr. General presented a short video on the martyrial dimension of our Charism with the painful memories of the heinous attack on our missionaries in Cameroon last year.

In the afternoon sessions it was started a major task of reading, reflecting and discussing upon the draft of the new General Plan of Formation. The participants, divided into four groups, discussed the first Chapter. There were four questions on which they were asked to reflect upon and present the report in the plenary. How do I receive this material? What resonances does it inspire in the ministry of formation? Point out two novelties that catch the attention highlighting those that seem most important. What are the elements that could be added to the GPF? And finally, What elements should be developed in view of the implementation of this Chapter I?

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