Extraordinary Assembly of the Antilles

Dec 6, 2008 | Antillas

Haiti, immersed in poverty and suffering, where seven years ago a small group of Claretians was missioned, has received front page news regarding the disaster caused by four successive hurricanes.
It was also the site where the Extraordinary Assembly of the Independent Delegation of the Antilles was held in Puerto Principe from the 28th to the 30th of October. Three intensive days of reflection, evaluation, planning ahead, and sharing.

Gathered were 45 members of the Delegation (from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti), but seven were not able to show up.
Fr. Marcelo Ensema represented the General Government. And three lay Claretians were invited as special guests.

Various themes were discussed

– Traumatic, historical, and circumstantial socio-political realities on the part of the Haitian people. Sharing with us the reality of the situation of Haiti was Professor Camille Chalmer, well-known internationally in his work with various human rights organizations, and Pastoral Consultant for the Public University of Puerto Principe.

– We continued, by communities, to identify concrete steps and formulate viable commitments through the remaining triennial.

– Fr. Hector Cuadrado, Major Superior, gave a report on journey of the Delegation these past ten years, and what has happened since we took on Cuba and Haiti, with all of its consequences, in planning and assignments.

– The Project of the Apostolate was revised for this triennium.

– Time was dedicated to present the PROMICLA Project (Promoción Misionera Claretiana de Antillas), which, after formalizing all its legal requirements, will begin its adventure in January 2009. It is a work of shared mission with Secular Claretians.

– Fr. Marcelo, representing the General Government, talked to us about the preparation process for the upcoming General Chapter. At the end of his presentation we proceeded with the voting to elect the delegate from the Antilles.

– The morning of the next day was dedicated to the theme of economy; the Major Superior, Fr. Hector Cuadrado, gave us concrete themes, including a possible foundation in Florida (USA); the route of the Claretian pilgrimage in Cuba, annual meeting of Claretians by islands, proposals for Permanent Formation, etc.
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Diaconate Ordination of the Beauplan Derilus

We had the closing of the Assembly in the afternoon in the parish of Corazon de Maria. We all shared in the great joy to witness the diaconate ordination of the first Haitian Claretian, Beauplan Derilus, at the hands of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, Archbishop of Puerto Principe.
Preparing the celebration was the pastor, Fr. Anistus Chima, assisted by Fr. Joachim Gredoti, and animated by the wonderful parish choir made-up of 35 members decked-out in their attractive choir robes, with a grand musical offering.
The celebration continued into the evening.

Everyone gave recognition and thanks to our brothers missioned to Haiti – Anistus, Joachim, Jeancius, Anibal, and Ronial – for their care and attention to the mission.

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