General Prefecture of Formation

  • Assists the Superior and the General Government in the animation of formation in the Congregation.
  • Encourages the process of integral and transformative formation at the general level.
  • Promotes a careful vocational selection and a quality formation, which is Claretian, personalized, and up-to-date for the mission.
  • Promotes the selection and formation of formators and stimulates and orients specializations in the Congregation.
  • It helps in a particular way the Major Organisms most in need.
  • Encourages the exchange of formators and professors among the various Organisms of the Congregation.
  • Promotes the relationship and communication among those responsible for the Major Organisms and congregational areas.
  • See to it that the GPF is applied and evaluated in the Major Organisms of the Congregation.
  • Stimulates the elaboration of the initial and ongoing formation plans of the Organisms and the local formation projects.

To be with Him and to be sent forth in His mission

“Fall in love with Jesus Christ and with souls, and you’ll understand everything and do more than me.”

Priestly Ordination of Male Jojappa CMF

Kurnool, India: Deacon Male Jojappa, CMF was ordained priest on 09 January 2023 by Most Rev. M. D. Prakasam, Bishop of Nellore, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Sunkeswari in the diocese of Kurnool, the native parish of Jojappa. It was a unique and joyful...

First Religious Profession in Córdoba, Argentina

On January 6, 2023, the first year of the Claretian Novitiate of America witnessed the first profession of twelve Claretian Novices in the chapel of the CEFyT in Villa Claret in Córdoba, Argentina. The Provincial Superior of San José del Sur, Fr. Mario Gutiérrez....

The Start of a Serious Commitment

Negombo, Sri Lanka. For two days, the Congregation in Sri Lanka witnessed the start of a serious commitment of individuals to a personal, congregational and God's Dream. On the one hand, is the entrance to the novitiate of six postulants on September 7, 2022. And on...

I vow to God forever!

Yaoundé, Cameroon. Seven Claretian Missionaries have just made their perpetual vows in the Congregation during a Eucharist on September 2, 2022, in the parish of Saint Charles Lwanga of Nkolbisson in Yaoundé. It was a colorful ceremony that saw strong participation of...

August 2022: A Great joy in Mâe de África Independent Delegation

Luanda, Angola. The Independent Delegation of Mâe de África and the Christian communities with which it shares its journey have experienced a month of August full of joy and good news. From the good memory left by the 1st Delegation Assembly held in July with the...

“The Lord has been great with us, and we are glad!”

Bata, Equatorial Guinea. The Padre Xifré Delegation has incorporated into the Congregation three young men who have happily completed their stage of formation as novices and have made their first profession: Jordi CRUFF OTSIBA, Bertrand OGOCHUKWO and Efrain COMBA...


Formative Dimension

For an integral formation, a Claretian formand needs to develop different dimensions of his life: SPIRITUAL, APOSTOLIC, MORAL, SOMATIC, AFFECTIVE, INTELLECTUAL, CHARISMATIC.


It’s not only the formands who are to be formed, their formators are also to be formed and equiped. The School of the Heart of Mary takes place normally in April till June in Vic, Spain offered in English and Spanish.