Formative Encounter for the Local Superiors of Iberia

Oct 25, 2012 | Catalunya, Euskal Herria, Portugal, Santiago, The Forge

Colmenar Viejo(Spain). Organized by the Iberian Conference of Provincials, a formative meeting was held for the local superiors of the various Provinces that make up this Conference (Bética, Catalunya, Euskal Herria, Portugal and Santiago). Participating were a total of 72 superiors in two batches: from the 18 – 20th and from the 21 – 23rd of November, accompanied by their Provincials.

The chosen theme was the spiritual animation of the community as an important part of the service of the superior, and most specifically the animation of the “Forge in Our Daily Life” Project. The facilitation of the encounter was under the charge of Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, General Prefect of Spirituality.

The participation of the participants has helped to easily and effectively evaluate the first step of the project in the communities, and to situate it in a context of the spiritual animation of our Claretian identity. Finally, the objectives and contents of the “Patris Mei” stage, which is about to begin, were presented; and clues were offered to motivate and facilitate its use in the communities.

Of great interest was the visit to La Granja de San Idelfonso (Segovia) on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the “great grace” received by Claret before the image of the Christ of Pardon in the Church of the Rosary. After a visit to the Royal Palace, a Eucharist was celebrated with great fervor in the Church of the Rosary.

The meeting was punctuated by moments of prayer and celebration inspired by the Provincials. The evaluation was very positive in many aspects: content, methodology, hospitality, participation, facilities, etc. We must thank the community of Colmenar and the Province of Santiago for the splendid reception extended to all the participants.


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