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Feb 10, 2010 | Claretian Family, Institutes of Consecrated Life

Dominican Rep. …From the first moment of all that happened we followed closely all that you had to go through and we accompanied you with our prayer. We are all dismayed for the disaster that the people of Haiti are going through. For this reason we contacted all of you to join you in solidarity and to collaborate that you may recover real soon and have new opportunities.

Our Missionary Sisters from the Dominican Republic have visited the Claretian community of Jimaní, a frontier town, where they have improvised a first aid camp by the hospital, to received the wounded and those who have lost everything.

Haiti has disappeared.

We arrived at Claret Centre and, as Fr. Héctor F. Cuadrado had said, they are receiving wounded persons, orphaned children and persons who are waiting for their turn to be submitted to surgery in the hospital of Jimaní. They cannot reach any further. The affected people who are reaching there every minute are many.

Everything is in need of organization, the aids that arrive, the volunteers, the affected persons. We collaborated as much as we could; the pain is so great that you lose your strength by the minute. The lens of the camera shows “something” of the reality. In Jimaní, those who are receiving the affected are those who were damaged by the hurricane they had gone through in the Dominican Republic.

From our school we want to turn on a light of hope with your sons and daughters according to their ages and stages. In every classroom a collecting tin will be displayed so that contributions can be made that will be send directly to: Claretian Missionary Promotion of Antillas (PROMICLA). We continue in prayer and communication. Love from Laydis and Fide, mic.

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