General Assembly of Saint Thomas Province in India

Aug 6, 2010 | St. Thomas, The Forge

Kuravilangad, India. The Province celebrated its General Assembly of the year at Claret Bhavan, Kuravilangad on 28 May 2010. 72 professed members including 42 priests participated in the assembly that discussed the life and activities of the Province.

The first session of the assembly was devoted for

the study of the General Chapter Document ‘Men on Fire with Love’ and the FORGE program planned by the General Government.

The Assembly discussed on various issues and made recommendations for the effective living of our communities. Some of the major concerns discussed were vocation facilitation, use modern communication means, universal availability, raising local Mass intentions, encounter with Claretian collaborators etc.

The Assembly also had a brainstorming session to suggest themes for the coming Provincial Chapter in January 2011.

The different prefectures of the Province made presentations about their one year activities and plans for the future. It was a time for the members of the Province to come together to share common concerns, evaluate the life and activities of the organism and plan for the future course of action.

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