“The church still has a future, because it has young people who want to carry and proclaim the Word of God”

On the first week of February, my backpack full of polar t-shirts and my sleeping bag, we are off once more for the one of the most important weeks of my calendar, the week of the Country Mission.

This crazy good week, for anyone who examines it from the outside, we can summarize as long conversations with nice old people, visits to the nursery, frantic games in basic school recreation. But for those who live the Country Mission, this week are seven days of deep encounter with God, seven days in which we take God to homes, homes for the elderly, the youth; are seven days in which we touch people and in that we are heartened, in which we move and reaffirm our faith and our Christian values; a week that gives us a strange and immense strength to live more intensely our day to day and our academic life.

#DIVERSITY. The church is universal and must be inclusive.

The #FUTURE of young people appears to be increasingly integrated, but more uncertain.

That the #CHURCH be more a church made of good people, transparent and true.

#JESUS. I feel that the sacred writing is still valid and observable.


José Lourenço Pereira and Miguel Lourenço Pereira


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