Graceful Reflection: Korea Independent Delegation Gathering

Feb 8, 2024 | Korea

Seoul, South Korea. From February 5 to 7, 2024, Korea Independent Delegation held its First General Gathering to celebrate its achievements, reflect on its past and plan for its future. The members gathered to discuss their aspirations and seek divine guidance for their mission. The gathering also became the venue to honour two esteemed members of the Delegation: Frs. Peter Kim and Vincent Lee, CMFF, who are both celebrating their Silver Anniversary of first and perpetual Professions.

Fr. Peter Kim, whose contributions to the growth of the delegation were gratefully  acknowledged. It was the silver jubilee year of Fr. Peter Kim’s first profession, a devoted servant of the Lord and His people known for his simplicity of life, availability, and sense of humour. Likewise, the gathering also  recognized and prayed for the gift of Fr. Vincent Lee, who celebrated the silver jubilee of his perpetual profession.

Fr. Manuel Ezhaparampil, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation, who presided over the heartfelt ceremony, expressed gratitude for their profound contributions to the Delegation and the Congregation. 

The gathering, which spanned three days from the 5th to the 7th of February ended with an insightful presentation on the roadmap for the future of the delegation, looking forward to continue the mission with renewed energy and focus.

Source: Fr. Sebastian Eruvelikunnel, CMF,  Korea Independent Delegation, Communication in charge.

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