IV Assembly of Antilles. II.

Apr 15, 2010 | Antillas

Puerto Rico. April 13, 2010. According to the programme, we have dedicated this entire day to the Lord: Recollection Day.

Only on the occasion of the Assembly do all the members of the Delegation gather together. Therefore it has been a good decision to share the day in prayer, as a strong calling to each and every one of the members to centre our vocational response to our ministry on the central core of our missionary life: on the Risen Jesus who sends us in mission.

Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, with his characteristic mastery and unction, guided and efficiently helped us to discover the richness of the icon of the disciples of Emmaus, to see ourselves as “itinerant disciples” who rediscover the Lord and are again encouraged as disciples and missionaries.

Under the theme “We had supper with him” throughout the day we covered four stages of our way, following the Emmaus narrative: WALK – SPEAK – LISTEN – EAT, and then, WALK AGAIN and proclaim… We integrated the last stage, “Eat”, in the “interactive” and fervent celebration of the Eucharist.

After supper we enjoyed a playful space, still integrating in it messages of encouragement to the brothers, dreaming of a Delegation that is faithful to the missionary designs of the Lord and to the dream of Claret for his missionaries: that they be “men on fire with love.”

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