IX Claretian Encounter on the Ministry of Emigrants III

by | May 3, 2008 | JPIC, Solidarity & Mission

Switzerland. We start the day, like in previous days, with the Eucharist, animated this time by the Province of Euskal Herria.(Photo )

In the morning Beatriz Gil, attorney of minors of Argovia (2 Photos ). accompanies us to give us a new vision of migration from the viewpoint of her post.
She begins her paper speaking of the law of the minor: in what does the work of her office of the public prosecutor consist? After the time of rest, she explains the problems of the young and adult emigrants and the delinquency, what is there behind the statistics, how is a special exclusion lived in the prisons and the differences in applying the penal code between the Swiss and the immigrant delinquents.
She ends her paper asking for our help in the face of the reality of so many people who emigrate or emigrated and today find themselves in a changing world in need of new and “changed” responses.

In the afternoon, Luis Capilla, episcopal delegate for migration in the Canton of Zürich and Glaus (1 Photo ) explains to us the general approach to emigration in Europe and, in particular, in Switzerland. He begins by reviewing the type of migrations and the migratory flow in the last years and then describes the present situation, how the image we have of the immigrants has changed, what the mentality of those who emigrated was, etc.

After the time of rest, he comments on the position of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference in the face of migration and how the ministry of migrations, the objectives, the initiatives and the tasks are organized.
In the afternoon-evening, after supper, Joan Soler (Photo ) and Ricard Costa-Jussá, of the Province of Catalonia, make the last presentation of the encounter of the works in the ministry of migrations: the experience of Claret House in Vic. We end the day like yesterday, by sharing time and typical products.

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