Mapping the Reality of the Claretian Youth of Sanctus Paulus

May 16, 2022 | Sanctus Paulus, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Vic, Spain. On May 13-15, 2022, the workshop for the Claretian and lay leaders of the Youth and Vocation Ministry (YVM) of Sanctus Paulus Province took place at the Spirituality Center of Vic. YVM General Prefect, Bro. Carlos Verga, CMF, together with the Prefect of Apostolate of Sanctus Paulus, Fr. Raymundo Adormeo, CMF, animated the said training.

Eleven Claretian Missionaries of the Province participated. Among them was a young layperson from the parish of Bilbao to share his experiences of the work done with the youth in the different regions of the Province.

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One of the central themes worked on in the groups is to have a general map of the reality of the Youth Ministry in Sanctus Paulus. Through drawings/designs, they pointed out the seeds of life, the warning signs/difficulties, and the challenges of the Claretian Youth Ministry in this area of the Congregation.

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In the sharing, the participants gave suggestions to translate them into concrete proposals of the YVM for the Province as some general and common criteria to be considered when elaborating a provincial project of the YVM.

Miren, a Lay Claretian from Bilbao, and the Claretians Romuald Wambo, Josu Etxabe, and Juan Martin Askaiturieta connected online during some of the working sessions of the workshop.

On Sunday, May 15, the participants of the workshop joined in the Sunday Mass with the Latin community that animated the Eucharistic celebration at the crypt of the Father Founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret, to conclude this provincial encounter.

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