Meeting of Formators in Iberia

Aug 8, 2011 | Bética, Catalunya, Congregation, Euskal Herria, Formation, Portugal, Santiago

Granada, Spain. From July 25 – 29, 2011 the annual meeting of all the formators and prefects of Formation from the Iberian Confederation was held.

They were a good experience of fraternity and ongoing formation for the participants who carry-out this formative service. Present was the General Prefect of Formation, Fr. Mathew Vattamattan. The theme of the encounter, “Discernment in Our Life”, was led by Fr. Diego Molina, S.J.

In addition to those mentioned, the participants were: José Mª Bolívar (Bética), José Mª Hernández (Bética), Antonio Mª Sanjuan (Bética), Luis Ángel de las Heras (Santiago), José Ramón Sanz (Santiago), Joseba Kamiruaga ( Euskal Herria), Josep Armengol (Cataluña), Remualdo Vicente (Portugal), Joao Carlos Pinto (Portugal.

The objective of the Encounter was to deepen the need for discernment, the attitudes needed in life, and the necessary requirements to carry them out as a permanent attitude. All of this with a clear attitude to accompany this process among those being formed.

There was no lack of fraternal festivity, as well as an experience of the cultural reality of Andalucía-Granada. They also planned for the next course to be held in Catalunya to further explore the theme of “Formative Interventions”.

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