Meeting of Management and Pastoral Teams of Claret Schools in Euskal Herria

Jun 1, 2018 | ECLA, Education Ministry, Euskal Herria

Salvatierra, Spain. On May 31, aware of the vital importance of their campuses having a strong charismatic and missionary identification and membership, the Administrators and the Pastoral Teams of the different Claret Schools of the Province of Euskal Herria gathered once more in Salvatierra. They discussed and read the results of a survey conducted at the different educational centers. And based on the analysis of the results, they dedicated time to specify some proposals that might help the faculty to have a greater knowledge and experience of the ideology and consider other factors that may help them cultivate their faith.

They ended the morning with the celebration of the Eucharist asking the Lord that on this day of the feast of the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, may the joy of knowing that they are missionary disciples, may lead them to meet many children, young people and families and accompany them on the path of faith.

Finally, they had a delicious meal in a family atmosphere before returning to their centers. May God continue to accompany their evangelizing work in the centers.



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