Meeting of Superiors in Colombia

May 12, 2012 | Colombia - Venezuela

Medellín, Colombia. At the Villa Claret meeting house in Medellín, the first encounter of local Superiors of the Province of Colombia-Venezuela was held. Gathered were 25 local superiors and the entire team of the Provincial Government.

This is the first event held since the first Chapter of the new Province made-up of the communities of the territory of Venezuela and part of Colombia.

During the Encounter there was a reflection on leadership which included the following topics:
• Communication: opportune, effective, bi-directional, using the new technologies of Information and Communication (TIC’s)
• Vocation ministry promotion, in which no one may exclude himself.
• Fraternal care in personal situations.
• A balanced and intense experience of community life and the life of mission.
• Permanent formation.
• A healthy distribution of local charges.

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