Meeting of the Commission for Claretian Restructuring in Europe

May 28, 2012 | General Government, Santiago

Bilbao, Spain. The Commission for the restructuring of the Claretian presence in Europe met in Bilboa on May 16th.

The objective of the meeting was to examine how to go about implementing the activities which were determined at the Encounter of the General Government and the Major Superiors of Europe (Poland, December 2011) and the previous meeting of the Commision held this past January 2012.

These moments are intended to be a phase of mutual understanding, raising awareness, and reflection which will be most intense in the next few months. For this it is important to have a bulletin of common news, to offer the participation of all the European Claretian Missionaries in the various organized activities of each Organism, and above all, to count on the assistance of various members of the General Government that the Major Superiors will present to their communities and which will serve as a basis to offer suggestions or proposals.

The objective is to establish the priorities that the Congregation should take-on in Europe, given our possibilities; and from these, going forward, to study the structures or juridical changes which will better serve our mission.

The Commission has prepared the second encounter of the General Government with the Major Superiors in Europe which will take place from October 30th to November 2nd in Fatima (Portugal).

In the photo, the members of the Commission, from left to right, Fathers José Felix Valderrábano, Stefan Wolf, Paul Smyth, Manuel Tanmargo, Krzystof Gierat and Joseba Kamiruaga

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