Meeting of the General Council of Economy

Mar 4, 2011 | Economy

Rome. Every year, the General Council of Economy meets to
review the progress of the Economic Management of the Major Organisms
in the Congregation.
This year, the meeting began on 21st February and is
expected to last until 4th March

The General Econome, Fr Domingo Grillía, chaired the meeting. The following are members of the Council: Frs Angel de la Parte (Econome of Santiago Province), James Patteril (Econome of the Province of Germany), Josep Sureda (Econome of the House of Vic), Marcos Mendes (Econome of the Province of Brazil), Mathew Pottemparampil (Econome of the “Claretianum” in Rome) and Wilfred Anagbe (Econome of the Province
of Nigeria).

Br Evencio Cuñado is also participating as a contributor from General Administration, so too is Fr Gaspar Masilamani (from General Mission Procure) acting as translator.

Amongst the tasks of this Council is the review of budgets of Major Organisms of the Congregation and of the various funds related to General Administration, as well as an economic analysis of some of the projects raised by General Government. Thoughts will also be shared about the preparation of the Encounter of Economes of the Major Organisms which will be held in September 2011 in Bangalore, India.

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