Meeting of the Local Superiors of the Delegation of Cameroon

Dec 28, 2012 | Cameroun

Yaoundé, Cameroon. Like sheep gathered around the shepherd, the superiors of the communities in Cameroon held a meeting, today 27th of December 2012 in the Delegation house of our Major Organism presided over by the Major Superior.

This meeting which took 5 hours (from 10am-3pm) went on in an atmosphere of fraternity and communion. Reading from our constitutions # 102-105 and from our Directory #409 the Major Superior explained the qualities and functions of the community superior.

In this meeting we evaluated The Life and Mission Project of the new delegation dwelling on the priorities. Following suit each superior gave an evaluation of his community and the efforts made to produce the Community Life Project. The Major Superior urged each Local Superior to put up a family atmosphere his community and to be in communion with the Delegation and the Congregation at large.

In order to live intensely our spirituality, the FORGE was a major aspect in the meeting and local superiors were encouraged to see to it that confreres take it seriously.

Members were encouraged on the need to function on a good budgeting system and the writing of projects of self-sustenance in order to help each and every one live the vow of poverty.

One thing retained in this meeting is the importance of Unity and Love for our Major Organism and for our Congregation. The meeting ended on a very happy note expressed in the conviviality that followed during the meal.

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