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Don Benito, Spain. In the final days of February 2019, with a certain delay over what was scheduled, the commemorative book of the 125 years of the Claretian Foundation in Don Benito, which spans from 1893 to 2018, has come to light. Some aspects that serve to frame and know the trajectory of the commemorative book of the 125 years, from its origin to its publication and distribution are pointed out. In view of the approaching anniversary of the 125 years, the Provincial Superior, Fr. Felix Martinez on June 9, 2017, addressed a letter to the different positions of Don Benito “encouraging us to keep this anniversary in mind and to propose some commemorative action throughout the 2017-18 academic year, so that this anniversary does not go unnoticed;” also suggesting in his letter “the formation of a Commission representative of the different sectors, in order to prepare the Program of commemorative events for the celebration of this 125th anniversary.” The 125-year-old Commission was constituted for the following purposes, it met for the first time on September 28, 2017 to elaborate the Program of the commemorative events of the 125th anniversary of the Foundation, and one of the agreed points was the publication of a commemorative book, as a basic subsidy that helps to know the origins and the Claretian historical trajectory in Don Benito. The Commission outlined the approach, characteristics and outline of this publication and entrusted the task to Fr. Gabriel Miguélez Combarros, who accepted the responsibility of carrying it out in the time set by the Commission. After the first writing of the book, the revision of texts was commissioned to Mr. Julián Rivera Gragera, a task that he has carried out with great success and competence. After being supervised this first version of the book by the Commission of 125 years, the layout of the book was entrusted to Javier Ortiz and Merche Romero, Graphic Design studio. With great promptness, they prepared the first version of the book and delivered the draft to make the appropriate corrections. As the City Council had accepted our request to subsidize the work, the Mayor requested this version of the book, which was reviewed with great meticulousness by the Secretary. Among the suggestions made by the City Council, was the request to include in each chapter of the book the largest number of available photos related to the subject, as it was done. The 125-year Commission also carried out the review of the test submitted, and with the observations and corrections made, plus the inclusion of new photos suggested by the City Council, the designers were asked to prepare a new version of the book. Once the text with the incorporated photos was received, and after the book was conveniently reviewed by the Commission, it was considered as a definitive version, which was provided to the Provincial Superior, Fr. Félix Martínez, for its official and definitive review and approval; After carrying out a detailed and thorough review, he authorized the publication of the Book, and the text authorized by the Provincial Superior is the one that appears and forms the commemorative book of the 125 years. The color printed book consists of 286 pages and 500 copies. It have been published. The work has been subsidized by the City Council of Don Benito, and printing and binding have been carried out by Gráficas Diputación de Badajoz. From these lines, the desire is to express the deep and sincere gratitude to the City Council of Don Benito, the Diputación of Badajoz and the planners Javier Ortiz and Merche Romero for their valuable and indispensable collaboration so that the book has been able to come to light. This publication constitutes a basic and practical “subsidy” of the Claretian history which is offered to all without exception and with special enthusiasm, to the lay teachers of the Claret School and to the other levels of the Educational Community, as well as to the faithful of the parishes of San Juan, Vivares and Valdehornillos, all of them as followers of the great evangelizing and educational work initiated by the Founder, Don José Alguacil-Carrasco y Martín in 1893. To this day it is worthwhile to agree with the Mayor the official presentation of the Book for the public of Don Benito. However, in the Claretian internal sphere, the Book has already been distributed. The Superior of the Community of Don Benito, at the Meeting of Superiors held in Loja from March 25 to 28, 2019, delivered a copy of the Book to the Superiors in attendance, destined for each Claretian Community of the Province of Fatima. On April 1, 2019, the book was also provided to all the Professors of the Claret School, to the non-teaching staff and to the retired staff of the Center. At the appropriate time the book will be distributed to people from the parishes of San Juan, Valdehornillos, Vivares and Ruecas. The hope is that this book can help one to know, to some degree, the “Origins and the Historical Trajectory” of the important evangelizing and educational work carried out in Don Benito by Claretians and lay people in shared mission for 125 years, because “what that you do not know, you do not love.”

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