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Jul 17, 2010 | Anniversaries, Congregation, Josep Abella Batlle

Roma. On the ocassion of the 161st Anniversary of the Congregation, Fr. General sends his greetings to all claretians and this following message:


On July 16th the Congregation celebrates its 161st birthday. We continue onwards, encouraged by the Father’s Spirit and our Mother (cf. Aut 687), who support our ways and place on our lips the word that we have been sent to proclaim.

We do not want the fire of this missionary charism to go out. We ask the Spirit to keep it alive and radiant, and we make ourselves available to collaborate with his action in us.

Our Congregation will have meaning when each and every one of its members are open to burn with this fire, radically rejecting other interests or objectives.

This is the testimony of our brothers, the martyrs of Sigüenza and Fernán Caballero from Spain. Pope Benedict XVI, this year anticipated our birthday with a gift, when on July 1st, he authorized the promulgation of the decree of the martyrdom of our 16 brothers, one of them from Columbia, murdered during the Spanish civil war.

We do not know when this beatification will take place, because there are still other groups of martyrs, including the Claretians who suffered martyrdom in Tarragona, which shall be added to the group that is going to be beatified; but the day cannot be far off.

I exhort all of you to receive this news as a grace that stimulates us to live our vocation with greater generosity.

Let us not fail to approach the sources that tell us of the martyrdom of our brothers of Sigüenza, and Fernán Caballero. We have documents in Spanish and in English that help us to do this.

May the Lord bless each one you and make you instruments of his blessing for many. “My God, may you be blessed for condescending to choose your humble servants to be Sons of the Immaculate Heart of your Mother!” (Aut 492).

“Most Blessed Mother, may the courtesy of your Immaculate Heart, in accepting us as your Sons, be praised a thousand times! Mother, make us cooperate with such kindness by becoming daily more humble, fervent, and zealous for the salvation of souls.” (Aut 493).


Josep M. Abella, cmf. Superior General

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