MICLA Solidarity and Mission Meeting

Nov 26, 2019 | MICLA, Solidarity & Mission

Panama, Panama. MICLA Solidarity and Mission (SOMI) Coordinating Team members Cesar Espinoza (Centroamérica), Alex Gaitan (USA-Canada), Fernando Guzmán (San José del Sur), Paola Pastor (Perú-Bolivia), Manuel Pliego (Antillas) and Claudia Toscano (Colombia-Venezuela) met together for its annual meeting from 18 to 22 November 2019 in Panama City and in the Yaviza Mission in Darien.

They were joined by Javier Hernández, Centroamérica Prefect of Apostolate in lieu of the Provincial Superior of the said Organism. Also present was José Vidal (MICLA Secretary) and Henry Ramírez (UN Team). They also had the chance to speak with General Econome, Manuel Tamargo, who was on his Economic Visit to Centroamérica at that time.

Among the topics that were addressed were: the diagnostic view that emerged from the surveys sent by the Organizations; the revision and reformulation of the 2018-2020 Lines of Action; the structure of the CMF-UN Team and the possible synergies with this Team; and the preparation of the SOMI-MICLA Assembly to be held in Morelia (Mexico) in October 2020. In terms of formation, Henry Ramírez Soler gave them a deeper understanding of the concepts on the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.

Within the framework of this meeting, they established communication with Yina Abella, a cooperative of COMUNDO and a member of the “Norman Pérez Bello Corporation”, with whom they discussed the strengthening of their impact as a Conference through its projects and alliances.

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