Missionary Greetings from the medical humanitarian aid

Jan 28, 2010 | Claretian Family

Haití. I wish to thank all the persons, all the volunteers, all the relatives, all the Claretian brothers, Mr. David Vergel and his wife Ivis, Mr. Robert Quiñones from American Airlines, all the churches and parishes, all my people from Jesus Mediator in Hato

Tejas and each and every one of the members and companions of AMAR, for all their prayers,l their good intentions, their individual donations and those of the pharmaceutical companies, their effort and work of packing, filling up cases, loading them and carrying them to the airport. That is the way the International and Emergency Medical Mission has started.

We arrived where we had to arrive, that is to say, where JESUS always brings us for his encounter with those in greater need in the street, in poverty, in sadness and in the joy of bringing a caring hug and a gift of healing and love for our brothers of Haiti. We reached where NOBODY had reached, where neither the cameras, or the news, or the Red Cross, or the UNO, or CNN had reached. In spite of the fear, the insecurity, the disinformation and how crushing the news from the media were, the problems that lurk in the roads (loading, transport, lodging, food, the aftershocks, etc.) we were able to adapt to extreme circumstances and do our work satisfactorily.

In order to obtain all this we always need companions who go the extra mile, who are valiant missionaries and who dare to do their duty. My special recognition goes to these my companions of the inspection team: Mirtelina Torres, Ivonne Graterole, Dr. Erwin Ortiz, Dr. Demoritzi, Dra. Yesenia Reyes and Dra. Jessica Candelario. These companions made an extraordinary work in an extraordinary moment.

A special mention and my recognition to the Claretian Missionaries: Frs. Héctor Cuadrado, Roselio Díaz, Beauplan, Anistus Chima and to Fr. Freddy of the Vincentian Fathers, for the board and lodging, the transportation and their support during this medical service.

My congratulations and eternal gratitude go also to my wife Alba and to all the companions who accompanied us these last few days from Jimaní to Puerto Príncipe. The experiences are so many that it would be impossible to count them all at this moment. As a great philosopher said “a photo is worth more than a thousand words.” I invite you to see a sample of our work in Haitiantes (November 2009) and then (January 20-25, 2010); please access the Blog of the web page www.promicla.com and “facebook” AMAR group and the page of Dra. Lilliam Ortiz Galarza.

Our Mission is continuous. It is not for just one moment or for a particular circumstance. Therefore we will continue collaborating with our squads in Haiti, without forgetting our future national and international commitments. I will let you know about our next reunion to share for a while our experiences and the photos.
Caringly, Dr. Jesús M. Alvelo
President AMAR

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