Aug 26, 2010 | Apostolate, Claretian Family

Rome. Fr. Agustín Monroy, General Consultor and Prefect of Apostolate, last Monday, August 23, presented to the General Government his resignation for health reasons. The treatment which he needs to receive will be incompatible with fulfilling the requirements of the role of General Prefect of Apostlate.

The General Government, being sorry about Fr. Agustín’s situation, and having to do

without his services, determined to accept his resignation, thanking him for his collaboration with the General Government and his service to the Congregation during this year.

Yesterday, on the 25th, the General Government named in his place Fr. Miguel Ángel Velasco, of the Province of Santiago. Fr. Miguel Ángel was the last Provincial Superior of Castile and had been, for several years, the prefect of apostolate of that same Province. Recently he has been the Director of two of the congregation’s educational centres in Valencia.

The General Government wants to express its gratitude both to Fr. Miguel Ángel for his availability in having accepted the role and to the Province of Santiago for placing another of its members at the service of the universal Congregation. More in “CMF AREA”

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